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Being a professional cleaner for offices is an amazing task to do.  We enjoy creating a custom plan that fits what you want for your office and we enjoy the availability to cater the plan to what works great with everyone who also helps out in your commercial building.  

Here is a few things that we do not offer:

will not strip and wax floors

will not move heavy equipment

will not climb high latters (we do have poles that can dust high up spaces)

Here is a list of some of our Janitorial Service options.

Daily office cleaning

Weekly Spruce ups

Monthly deep cleanings

One time super cleans

If you do have a current commercial cleaning service but they are unable to do a deep clean we are happy to come in and perform special cleaning services.  

Tara and I have been in the cleaning industry for the last 22 years and through this time we have enjoyed helping out many places as we learned to be better leaders.  We hire smiling faces at Pink Power Cleaning and we enjoy helping out in Troy with seeing the community succeed.  

My wife and I

Tara & Caleb Pierce