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     In our home we have noticed that sometimes getting started is the hardest part.  I can remember getting out of bed this morning. The hardest part was just getting on my feet, after that point the rest was easy.  We want your home spring cleaning experience to be about that simple and this is why we have these 2 tips which will help make you the spring cleaning hero of your home.

    Remember grocery shopping and there were those great sauces that seemed perfect for the new dinner option?  Now 9 months later you look in the fridge and see the sauce was barely opened and has not been used, or worse, expired.  Spring is a great time to sort these items and at the same time create a perfectly clean fridge.  Here is an easy way to do this.

#1 Pull out all of your fridge's interior shelving and wash them with warm soapy water.

#2 Wipe down the surfaces that can't be removed on the inside.

     Sticky spots may need an extra spray of cleaner,

      30 seconds of soak time makes cleaning much easier

#3 Place shelving back

#4 Organize as you plan with your next few meals.

    You may have been like me, decided to start cleaning that one room, grabbed the vacuum then after starting you realized the baseboards are dusty.  Major bummer, here is a quick tip on how to get those baseboard easily.  Most of the dust is easily removed by

#1 Taking a feather duster and while standing up wiping the top of the baseboards,

#2 Get behind the couches with these.  

#3 (if the dust is stubborn then we enjoy using a slightly damp microfiber cloth)

Extra Bonus

    Lime buildup occurs commonly around the base of faucets and it does not

take much of it to make your faucet look less than perfect.  


                                                       #1 Laying a paper towel over the fixture

                                                      #2 Let vinegar soak on it for an hour the lime will soften

                                                      #3 Rub off loose lime buildup